How does a zeolite detox work

Detoxing with zeolites has been gaining popularity in the world of alternative medicine: it’s a relatively new way of ridding your body of toxins, but those who have tried it swear by its efficiency.

The mechanism of work seems sound, but how can you know for certain whether a zeolite detox can help you stay healthy?

Zeolite detox explained

To understand how a zeolite detox works, one first needs to grasp how these minerals do their magic. The zeolite’s basic use is to attract substances: while it can attract and hold various particles depending on its design, a zeolite is most commonly used to gather and store metals inside an environment where it would otherwise be a difficult task.

A zeolite detox works on very much the same principle: the minerals enter your body and invite various unwanted particles to latch onto them. Again, metals are among the primary aggravants here: mercury, lead and arsenic are just some examples of metals that can be very harmful to a body and are difficult to remove for an organism.

Iron is yet another example of a potentially-harmful metal that zeolites could help you deal with. While iron is vital for our survival and forms one of the bases of good health, too much of it is said to have a significant negative impact on a person.

Since our bodies have no way of ridding themselves of excess iron, the levels of this metal can reach undesireable heights over the course of a person’s lifetime. Many of the negative effects of excess iron become manifested later during a person’s life: excessive iron deposits in a person’s body have been linked to various impairments to neurological health in seniors, sometimes even affecting middle-aged persons. Perhaps most concerningly, though, excess iron is said to reduce a person’s lifespan by at least a couple of years by greatly increasing the risk of a heart attack and similar health maladies – those who warn about the metal insist that we could live longer if we had a reliable way of removing some of it from our bodies.

Those who practice zeolite detox believe that these minerals are one of the only ways of successfully ridding the body of excessive iron without harming overall health in any way. Again, since zeolites work mainly by attracting various metals through their miniature openings, one can see how the theory seems sound.

Whichever toxins end up sticking to the zeolites through waste, the end result is the same: the rocks will be excreted by you soon after, thereby allowing you to cleanse your body in a painless and safe manner. After all, that’s a good part of the zeolite detox’s appeal: while some detoxing methods will have you feeling unwell immediately after starting the course, a zeolite detox is meant to bring no pain or discomfort to a person, working behind the scenes and aiming to improve your general well-being. This alone makes the procedure worth considering above other, more invasive methods of detoxing that often yield limited results.