Top 3 zeolite products

If you’re into detoxing, you’ve probably heard that zeolites are one of the safest and most efficient ways of going about it.

While it’s true that, being a naturally-occurring substance, zeolites make for a much more pleasant detox than many other substances, you still shouldn’t go and use any product you can get your hands on.

There’s a good bit of work involved in taking a zeolite and optimizing it for the human body – the same goes for detox-centric synthetic zeolites.

You can do an internet search for zeolite products and check the reviews out for yourself, but here are my top 3…

Here are the top 3 zeolite products on the market and what they can offer you.

Zeolite PURE: This product has been ranking at the very top of the list of zeolite products for a while now. In fact, it was the first supplement of its kind on the market – whereas other innovators sometimes grow lazy and let the competition beat them out, Zeolite PURE has been at the top of the game since the start. In terms of composition, you can’t get much better than pure micronized zeolites with no additives or volume-increasers. Part of the appeal of using Zeolite PURE is knowing that no harm can come to your body – even if the detox proves less than successful, you’ll be no worse off than you were when you started. For what the package offers, the somewhat-high price is more than justified – if you can get your hands on this product, you probably shouldn’t look further.

Zeolite+: Like Zeolite PURE, Zeolite+ is a detox product that features nothing but a generous concentration of the mineral which most will see as a major plus. In terms of the actual quality of zeolites, things could be better: instead of using high-quality micronized zeolite rocks, Zeolite+ uses a less-refined commercial version that could end up having less effect than zeolites of a higher grade. Still, the absence of additives makes Zeolite+ a decent product to consider, as does the price: Zeolite+ ranks among the cheapest products of its kind on the market, costing less than half of what Zeolite PURE does. If you’ve never tried zeolite detox and are unsure of whether it will benefit you, Zeolite+ is a good product to try without making too big of an investment.

ZeoPower: ZeoPower differs from the products listed above in that it isn’t pure: as opposed to zeolites being the only substance in the package, ZeoPower includes a host of other ingredients that form a unique mix. While this might raise red flags with other manufacturers, it’s not such a downside here: most of the ingredients added to ZeoPower’s zeolites are meant to improve general health in the person performing the detox and potentially make the passing of the toxins easier on the body. It’s hard to fault the manufacturer for including things like vitamins in the mix, although some might prefer a pure version instead. Also, be sure to check each of the ingredients in this zeolite product before using it – while they were carefully selected and are meant to have a positive impact, there’s no telling how your body might react to an individual substance.